Three UK Snowboard Companies You Should Know About


For a country with very little access to snow and mountains the UK has a surprisingly active snowboard industry, with a core group of passionate followers.


This thriving environment has given birth to a number of new ventures, driven by hardcore riders who bring their spirit and enthusiasm for a sport they love, with high quality products and a focus on the customers who support their business.

When a new snowboard company comes out of the UK we all do what we can to make sure they do well and get the long-term support and recognition they deserve.

FBBB (For Boarders By Boarders)

As a non-profitable organisation, For Boarders By Boarders are the roots and the backbone of the UK snow scene, feeding and supporting events and up and coming riders to help increase their exposure.

The main goal at FBBB is to give something back to the community and the culture that drives it. They do this through actively promoting the scene and providing a platform from which all UK board riders can be part of a community of like-minded people, whilst also reaching out to a wider audience.

Since its founding, FBBB has organically grown from a 3 person operation, with its first event back in 2006 at SNO!Zone (the indoor snow dome in Milton Keynes), to a nationwide series of events and festivals across all UK domes and dry slopes, encompassing a wide number of contributors.


FBBB has now grown into a family of collaborators, out to enjoy themselves, and express their unique ideas and interests. The main point is that without the support and team effort of various people from the UK scene/industry FBBB would not exist. So in return they help to grow the community and raise awareness for snowboarding and its subcultures, with the original intent of having as much fun as possible in the process.

Nowadays you can catch FBBB at many events including The Snowboard Test, Gap Nation, The London Ski and Snowboard Show, Boardmasters, Freeze Festival and of course on facebook.


With deep seeded roots in the snowboard industry, Snowboards4u is dedicated to supplying the UK with the highest quality products and brands at the most affordable prices.

This online company is really making our sport more accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds, so they don’t have to make any sacrifices on performance when it comes to buying snowboard gear.

Due to a great history and close relationship with most of the brands available in the UK, Snowboards4u are able to sell brand new products at up to 40% discount on their original retail price. This means you now have a direct route to past seasons overstock at a fraction of the price.

Snowboards4u carries a wide range of stock and sizes, including all your favourite gear from K2, Forum, Capita, Ride, Dakine…to Santa Cruz and many more, in snowboards, boots, bindings, accessories and clothing. With new equipment arriving all the time there’s always a good chance of finding exactly what you need to keep progressing in snowboarding.



An exciting new addition that has just burst onto the UK snowboard scene is Butta! Born out of a genuine need for an eco friendly wax that is less damaging to the environment as well as to those applying it; Butta wax company is a great representative for good quality, handmade, UK products.

Butta is a long lasting, nice smelling, easy to apply, fast, greener hydrocarbon wax, as opposed to the more commonly used fluorocarbon wax, which is handmade and packaged in the UK.

The company is currently growing its product range with a 100% eco friendly, rub-on, traditional and as just released; a dry slope specific wax, which will service the UK snow scene better than any other on the market.

To ensure its products are represented properly, Butta has recruited the help of some of the UK’s most popular pro riders, who are constantly switching environments, from dry slope to indoor, summer camp to big mountain riding.

Not only has the company given back to the UK scene by preventing waxers and the environment from fluorocarbon poisoning, but also we now have a specific wax for UK riding conditions, and a new sponsor who regularly contributes to UK snow events and teams. Long live Butta!


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